Best Practices : Youth

Promoting Vocations from the Inside Out

Vocation Basket turns families into active vocation promoters

Parish: St. Augustine, Howell, MI, Diocese of Lansing
Categories: Family, Vocation Promotion, Youth

Insight into Theology of the Body Gives Teens Hope

Theology of the Body for Teens is a life-changing chastity program winning rave reviews from teens and teachers.

Parish: Shiner Catholic Church; Saints Cyril and Methodius, Shiner, TX 77984, Diocese of Victoria
Categories: Faith Formation, Outreach, Vocation Promotion, Youth

Igniting Catholics with the Fire of Faith

Singer Gretchen Harris Teaches Prayer through Song

Parish: St. Francis of Assisi, Bakersfield, CA, Diocese of Fresno
Categories: Administration and Finance, Faith Formation, Family, Outreach, Sacraments, Youth

Basic Training to Defend the Faith

Turning post-Confirmation teens religious education into "training" for a kind of "Special Forces Evangelizing Team" TRIPLED class attendance.

Parish: Holy Spirit, Annandale, VA 22003-4165, Diocese of Arlington
Categories: Faith Formation, Youth

Traveling Music Ministry Renews Parishes & Families

Holy Family Apostolate Gives Christ through Song, Stories, and Personal Testimonies

Parish: St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church, Portland, Oregon, Portland
Categories: Faith Formation, Family, Outreach, Sacraments, Youth

Multiplying Vocations by Adopting Seminarians

A simple seminarian "adoption" program sparks active discernment among parish young people.

Parish: Southern Catholic College, Dawsonville, GA, Archdiocese of Atlanta
Categories: Vocation Promotion, Youth

"Bible-Study-In-A-Box" Multiplies Pastor's Efforts

"Catholic Scripture Study" (CSS) is a substantial, engaging, do-it-yourself, and thoroughly Catholic Bible Study that is spreading like wildfire."

Parish: St. Vincent De Paul, Charlotte, NC, Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte
Categories: Faith Formation, Outreach, Youth

Hassle-free Pilgrimages for Parishes

Unitours pilgrimages bolster parishioners' faith without overloading pastors' schedules.

Parish: Holy Cross, Flatbush, NY, Diocese of Brooklyn
Categories: Administration and Finance, Faith Formation, Family, Ongoing Priestly Formation, Sacraments, Youth

Becoming Scripture-Smart Catholics

Moses and the Torah: the latest book in a lay-friendly Catholic Bible study series

Parish: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Glendive, Montana, Diocese of Great Falls - Billings
Categories: Faith Formation, Family, Ongoing Priestly Formation, Outreach, Youth

"Fiat" Girls Love Christ in the Eucharist and Spread His Joy

When seventh-grade girls start asking how they can learn to hear God's voice more clearly, the fruits of "Fiat" are clear.

Parish: Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Annandale, VA 22003-4165, Arlington
Category: Youth