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Brazil Youth Launch Multilingual Prayer Site for the Conclave

Source: Zenit

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 26, 2013 ( -- Inspired by Benedict XVI, five Brazilians launched the Web site

"United for the Conclave" is directed to all young people around the world. The site is compiling a spiritual bouquet for all the cardinal electors.

It is one of many initiatives that have sprung up since the Pope's Feb. 11 announcement of his resignation.

The spiritual bouquet offerings include Masses, Eucharistic adoration, fasting and other devotions and sacrifices.

The site is conceived as reminiscent of the young Juan Diego, who offered roses to Bishop Juan Zumárraga as requested by the Virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas.

In addition to the main goal of encouraging prayer for the cardinals, the initiative also highlights the upcoming World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.

United for the Conclave:

Article provided by ZENIT News Agency.